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Bags of 25 Love Notes - $7   ~   Bags of 50 Love Notes - $12

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"Love Notes are a delightful way to brighten the day, they're fun to receive and to give.  A lovely little surprise to slip into lunch bags and briefcases. Also having a bowl of them for visitors, at home or work, to pick from brings smiles.  And a perfect thing for adults and children alike to hand out!"
                                                                                   LKA, Creemore
Large Print - Universal
(for children, people new to English, etc.) 
Large Print - 2.0 
(includes the Universal notes as well as others with more complex ideas and acknowledgements; good for ages 14 & up) 
En Français
aka 'Shell's chicken scratch'
Or Buy them in bulk - perfect for teachers, dentists, doctors, massage therapists, flower shops, and anywhere you want to send people of any age off with a smile in their hearts ... 

1000 Love Notes - $219  $189
500 Love Notes - $120  $99

on the back of every Love Note!

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