Celebrating Women and Girls

A bit about the 'Celebrating Women and Girls Fund' ...

Inspired - and daunted!- by Outward Bound fundraising women's trip to Bhutan this October 2020to raise money for Outward Bound programs for women and girls in Canada, I've decided to 'go for it'!  Not sure if it will result in my travelling to Bhutan in October yet (it will take A LOT of fundraising!!), I nonetheless feel that all the ideas of how to raise money for this venture are worthwhile love-spreading, community-building, women and girls-celebrating kind of things ... and should proceed regardless.  Should I not join the trip, the fund will find an alternate path to supporting and celebrating Women and Girls ... cuz if there's one thing I'm absolutely sure of, it's that our world could sure use more of the genius, compassion, vision and inspiration of women and girls everywhere!!!

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